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Identity Theft Protection and Fraud Reporting

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Identity theft generally involves someone stealing your personal information to open new accounts or to initiate transactions in your name. Thieves can also use a stolen identity to access your existing accounts and steal money from you.

To protect yourself, keep your online banking username and password confidential.

To help maintain the security of our online banking services, we require that you change your online banking password at least every 90 days.

Ways to Protect yourself Against Identity Theft

  • Change your password regularly and do not use the same password across multiple sites.
  • Think of three or four easily remembered words which do not make a sentence (a passphrase) and string them together without spaces to make your password. You may use capital letters, lower case letters, numbers, or special characters in your passphrase if you want extra protection. Just make sure it is easy to remember.
  • Learn what Identity theft is and the various methods that your personal information can be stolen by visiting the Federal Trade Commission’s anti-Identity Theft site at

Report Phishing and Email Scams

“Phishing” is a process some criminals use in their attempts to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details. They send customers email posing as a legitimate company.

These fraudulent emails may contain links to phony websites or request you to share personal or financial information using clever or compelling language, such as, “It is urgent that you update your information to ensure the security of your accounts.”

To help protect your information online, you should never open attachments, click on links, or respond to emails from suspicious or unknown senders. will never send you an unsolicited email that asks you to verify personal information regarding your accounts, such as your user ID or password, and will never call you and ask you to reveal or confirm your password or user ID. Refer also to our Online Privacy Policy

If you receive a suspicious email that appears to be from, do not respond to it or click any links. Please call our customer service department at 866-UMBRELLA (866-862-7355) and report it as soon as you can. This will help us in our efforts to fight this form of fraud.

Examine Your Statements and Report Unauthorized Electronic Funds Transfers

You should examine your account statements promptly after you receive them or they are made available to you.

If you discover any unauthorized electronic funds transfers in your statement, you should promptly notify us of the relevant facts. You can reach us by phone at 866-UMBRELLA (866-862-7355) or by email at 

If you tell us orally, we may require that you send us your complaint or question in writing within 10 business days.

Generally, 10 business days (20 business days if the transfer involved a new account) after we hear from you, we will determine whether an error occurred and promptly correct any error discovered.

If we decide that there was no error, we will send you a written explanation. You may ask for copies of the documents that we used in our investigation.

If you do not report any unauthorized transfers in your account within 60 days of when we first send the statement (or make it available to you), you will not be able to assert a claim against us on any unauthorized items in that statement.

Report Fraud and Identity Theft

Report any suspicious or fraudulent activity to our customer service department at 866-UMBRELLA (866-862-7355) as soon as you can. This will assist us in our efforts to fight Identity Theft and protect you and your accounts.

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